Friday, 5 February 2010

First photographs

After a big change in set-up I have finally got round to taking some photos through the diascope. They were taken through a rather dirty window (I did try to clean it, but succeeded only in smudging it on the outside) and using the camera's automatic settings - not at all ideal, but a starting point whilst I figure out the manual settings. Haven't even figured out how to turn the flash off yet (I've been using sony cameras for years so the canon is quite unfamiliar), but never mind.

The past few days have been very gloomy, but this morning after some showers the garden received some sunshine for a change. Unfortunately the main feeder is on the left hand side of the garden, which gets very little sun at this time of year, but the fat balls at the top of the feeder were just in the sun this morning.

None of these are in focus, but at least the bird was in the shot and I can definitely see the potential for sharper images with more playing with the scope and camera settings.